ye olde dolphin 


 ​If you want a good pint of ale then Derby has been the go to place since the 17th Century. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution that malting and brewing were the towns main trades. Three major breweries grew up in Derby, Offilers, Strettons and Altons. It is because of this that Derby had one ale house for every forty people in 1588 and then one ale house to every thirty people in 1688! By 1633 Derby had an estimated population of just over 85,500 people with around 541 places to drink in!

Within a 260 yard radius of St Mary’s Gate there were 53 licensed premises in which to drink from. Today though St Mary’s Gate has lost many of it’s pubs due to redevelopments. The Dolphin Inn is one of the very few pubs to continue its’ business making it the oldest pub in Derby!

The Dolphin dates back to 1530a.d, the time of Henry VIII. It was constructed a good thirty years before even potatoes and tobacco were introduced to the country! The quaint picturesque pub stands at the junction of Queens Street and Full Street, part of which was known as Nanny Tags Lane.

Back in the day The Dolphin brewed its own ale which caused coaches to park outside for folks to quench their thirst before continuing on with their journey! Even the carpenters’ marks in the attic of the pub are still visible dating all the way back to the 16th century! The Dolphin is also seen on Speeds Map of Derby dating back to the year of 1610!

The Dolphin has been through it all and has given us stories to tell and memories to share and we, here at the dolphin look forward to carrying on making new memories!​

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